At home STD kits have ended time consuming and embarrassing doctor office visits. Technology has changed modern lives a lot and not always in a positive way.

One positive improvement provided by technology is the advancement made in the area of medical diagnostic tools. Tests that once had to be conducted at a doctors office can now be conducted at home.

STD & STI testing, in particular, is now easy and discreet thanks to at home sexually transmitted disease testing kits.

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What Are Sexually Transmitted Disease Kits

There are a number of sexually transmitted diseases and infections that can be tested for at home. These kits contain all the medical tools you need to collect the required fluid sample for testing.

Depending on the disease being tested for, the fluids collected are blood, urine, or a vaginal swab. Instructions contained within the kit will explain how to properly collect the required sample. There will also be instructions and tools to prepare the sample for transport to the laboratory conducting the test.

So, in actuality, the test is conducted at an outside laboratory, but the samples are drawn from home instead of a doctors office.

There are several companies that manufacture the kits. Generally, they all work the same way, but there are some differences between each company.

What Are the Differences Between Kits

There can be quite a few subtle differences between each kit that is available on the market. The first difference is of course price. There is a considerable price difference amongst the different test kits. The prices typically start around $100 for a single test. The price differences are usually due to a number of diseases tested for. In a few cases, the increased price is due to improved accuracy.

Accuracy can vary for each disease tested for. Certain kits offer better accuracy for certain diseases or sexually transmitted infections. Accuracy also seems to be a variable in each kit regardless of price. Certainly, the more expensive testing has better accuracy results across the board for all diseases. It is important to note the different accuracy percentages for each disease no matter the price of the kit.

Some kits will allow you to choose which disease is tested. Typically at home std kits offer a range of diseases that will be tested. Some will give you a choice of the variety of tests. The most convenient of kits will separate out each disease separately, these are also the most economical of diagnostic kits. However, if you want to test for several different diseases getting a kit that covers the most diseases is more economical than ordering a separate test for each disease.

The instructions presented by each company vary greatly. The reason for this is mostly due to the fact that each company uses a different laboratory. The sample collection and mailing methods vary depending on the specifications of the laboratory used. Certain companies will have very detailed directions and some have received criticism on the detail of the directions provided. The type of fluid that is being collected also has a big difference over the method of collection and shipment.

Other differences involve the laboratory that is used. Most kits will have a laboratory that is automatically used as a default. There are some companies that allow the consumer to choose the laboratory that is used. There are yet other companies that work in conjunction with any laboratory in the consumer’s local vicinity. With this type of diagnostic kit, the sample is collected at an actual laboratory. The test results are sent directly to the home. It is not as convenient as the tests where the sample is collected at home, but the results are more accurate as the quality of the sample is much better.

Are At Home STD Kits Legitimate

There is a vast array of at home medical diagnostic tools that have been approved by the FDA. STD testing kits are one of these approved diagnostic tools. This government approval has opened the door for a number of companies to enter this market. The majority of which are all legal and legitimate. However, there is always opportunist in a new industry. Do some due diligence to be sure that the company you choose is FDA approved to manufacture these diagnostic tools.

The best way to verify the legitimacy of a company is to research the laboratory where the actual test will be conducted. A legitimate laboratory must conform to certain standards. They must be FDA approved and HIPAA compliment. It is recommended that every laboratory used is also CLIA certified and CAP accredited. If a laboratory does not have these certifications and credentials, the legitimacy of both the laboratory and the company manufacturing the kit should be called into question. It is quite easy to verify these details.

It is important to be able to verify, conveniently and discreetly, your sexually transmitted disease status. You can have confidence in the methods used to collect samples as they have been tested and FDA approved. Legitimate companies partner with certified laboratories to conduct testing. The accuracy is not 100%, but it is typically 95% accurate or better. It is an excellent way to stay current on your STD or STI testing.

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